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Bugs fixed and improvements made too, check out the changelog…
Lia-Getting-Better | IntoBridge
A few additions and a lot of fixes of Lia…
Roger Szarek Wins Season I of Ranked Games | IntoBridge
Recap of the first official season of Ranked Games
New Year Resolution List 2024 | IntoBridge
Which resolution do you think would be the toughest to stick to?
IBPs Change | IntoBridge
Stuck at a 7 of D rank? You are not the only one…
New Features | Ranked Games | IntoBridge
Pick your opponents, compare to more people, have fun with friends in the Ranked Games…
Lia updated | IntoBridge
Convention card for Lia included…
Ranked Games Season ONE | IntoBridge
Country and Friends Leaderboards added and a choice of partnering robot in the new season of the Ranked Games
New features on the Ranked games | IntoBridge
Lia replaces Ben, Win or Go Home, Rematch and more…
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IntoBridge's New Bridge Robot Lia is out

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