Ranked Games: Kingsladin wins Season III

kingsladin wins the Season III | IntoBridge

The Ranked Games trophy shifts eastward once more, landing in Indonesia this time around. Kusumantu Sigit, known by the username kingsladin, convincingly secured the first place in Season III!

Kusumantu, who placed 8th in Season II, finished over 5,000 IBPs ahead of the regular in the top 5, Ove Hjelvik (username: nullve) from Norway. The top 3 was rounded out by a newcomer, Canadian Benjamin Zeidenberg, who trailed Ove by less than 400 IBPs.

Interesting facts from Season III:
⭐ Ove Hjelvik (nullve) is again in the top 5. He came 5th in the Beta season, 3rd in Season I and 4th in Season II. Season III marks his best performance so far!
⭐ Roger Szarek (RogerS), the champion of Season I, and 10th in Season II, stayed in the top 10, ranking 4th this time.
⭐ Yury Khyuppenen (hupp), the champion of Season II, and vice-champion of Season I, continues good showing, coming 5th in Season III.
⭐ This is the first season, where no American made it into the top 5. The best-performing Americans in Season III are Sam Marks, Steve Print and Gavin Wolpert, coming 9th, 10th and 11th respectively.

Check out the top 10 of Season III below and some interesting infographics…

Season IV is underway, go climb the ranks…

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