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Suzanne Anisfeld | All Hands on Deck | IntoBridge Blog
Suzanne Anisfeld | All Hands on Deck | IntoBridge Blog

Suzanne Anisfeld is a popular face on the bridge scene in London, England – not just attending various clubs, but also facilitating and helping others organize bridge games, lessons, events and anything related to our beloved game. Suzanne is a true inspiration and always there to help! She recently published a book, describing her experience in the bridge world…

Suzanne, you’re an established member of the London bridge scene—can you describe it in a few words for those who haven’t experienced it?
I am very lucky to live in North London where there are numerous bridge clubs that I frequent 3-4 times a week. Face-to-face bridge is wonderfully social and you can get together with like-minded people and have fun playing this challenging game that we all love.

You recently wrote a book about bridge that already has excellent reviews. Many people want to write, but a few find the courage. How did you get started and what kept you going?
I have been storing up in my head so many amusing experiences related to bridge that last year, all of a sudden, I started by listing the incidents on a piece of paper and soon the idea evolved to write a book.  Writing a book had never been on my agenda but what surprised me was that once I started writing the book, I couldn’t stop myself and everything seemed to flow so easily.  I am actually quite an impatient person and decided that I wanted to finish the book NOW and get it published.   I also shocked myself as at school my English language was terrible, of course, as a bridge player, mathematics is my thing.  I would love to find my old English teacher and present her with a copy!

What can we expect to find in your book (no spoilers please!) and was it easy to get it to market?
I believe my book is fairly unique as the majority of bridge books are about technique and learning the game whilst mine is anecdotal stories around the game so I hoped that it would appeal to a lot of people.  I found myself a publisher who had been recommended to me and he did all the hard work of getting the book into online bookstores, the major one being Amazon. 

Is this book only for bridge players?
My book is designed for anyone to read and you certainly do not need to understand the game in order to appreciate the stories.  However, on the few odd occasions where I have mentioned some bridge terms, I have included a bridge glossary at the back of the book to help non-bridge players.  I have actually had a couple of my non-bridge playing friends who have read the book and have told me that they would now like to learn and I am so pleased that I have inspired them and hope that many more will also follow.

What or who was your inspiration to write the book?
My parents were both card players although did not play bridge.  My father used to have a regular poker game with his friends in his single days.  As a family, the only card games we played were whist and kalooki but also loved to play Scrabble.  When I was in the process of writing my book, my dad would question me daily on all the stories and how I was coming along with the publishing.  He sent emails to so many of his contacts and I know that my book has been read in several continents, thanks to my dad.  One of my regrets is never having been able to teach my parents to play bridge.  Unfortunately, my dad sadly passed away on November 10th last year, leaving his wife Irene of 64 years.  My book is dedicated to both my parents Irene and Marcel Anisfeld.

Are there more untold stories in your bag, in other words, are you planning on a sequel?
My book is based on 35 years worth of stories and is pretty up to date.  However, even since the book went to print, some more funny bridge things have happened so I can definitely see myself writing a sequel in the future.

You can see and hear Suzanne’s video interview during the book launch here: https://youtu.be/EdhGqhjBKBo?si=wuYGiwbjTAXGm-Td

Suzanne will be a birthday girl on the 3rd of July, and guess what the party will be like – a bridge game with 32 people in her house!
To complete the experience, you can order her book from Amazon now or even purchase it immediately for Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/All-Hands-Deck-Tales-Table-ebook/dp/B0CBKDXJ92

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