Analyze Your Boards

We added several new features to the hand diagrams enabling you to review and analyze the great and not-so-great boards you play on IntoBridge.

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The hand diagram features explained

Double-Dummy Solver (DDS)

Does this contract make or not, can you make overtricks, could you beat it by more? The DDS created by Bo Haglund and Soren Hein which we integrated gives you the answers.

How to use it? Just click the lightbulb and it will work like magic! You can then keep clicking the arrows to move forward and the DDS will show what every next play will lead to.

How to activate the Double Dummy Solver

Replay the hand

Could we beat the contract if partner has led something else? You can now click the Play button and play the cards of your choice and see what the DDS thinks about it.

“3NT is a bad contract, you should’ve bid 4H partner!” Familiar with this? We all are. Well, you can now resolve those “debates” by using the arrows back in the hand diagram. Simply bid the contract you want to check by the hand that you want to be declaring and find out what exactly happens there. (Don’t forget to activate the lightbulb)

How to replay the hand in a different contract

Share with friends

Found a great play? Questioning partner’s bidding? You can now easily share the hands you’ve played or watched on IntoBridge with friends. Simply click the link chain on the left top part of the diagram to copy the link to the hand and send it to your friend(s).

How to copy a link to the hand

Don’t forget!

The three new features above complement the existing features we had packed in the hand diagrams before. Below is a summary of those.

Being in the side panel, our hand diagrams are rather small and you may have difficulty seeing the cards. Just click the magnifying glass and get a big and clear hand diagram that has the same features available as its little brother.

What level in which suit can each player make if the game was with open cards? Check out the matrix of makeable contracts. Also available is the Par score (Minimax).

Enlarge the diagram, check the matrix of makeable contracts and also the par score

Did you see the Personal statistics on IntoBridge? Read more…

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