Climbing The Ranks Made More Exciting

During the Beta season of Ranked Games, we implemented “placement games” to help skilled players advance quickly while ensuring they did not hinder less experienced players. While this approach was effective, we noticed that highly skilled players were progressing too rapidly. As a result, for Season 1, we decided to remove the placement games. This adjustment has made it more challenging for skilled players to ascend, but the less experienced players are finding it nearly impossible to move up the ranks. Even our Stefan is still at a 7 of D rank!
Based on our observations, we have come up with a simple solution to address these issues. The lower the player’s rank, the fewer points that will be lost for each defeat. Aces and Kings will remain unaffected by this adjustment.

We hope that this modification will result in a more rewarding experience for you as you progress through the ranks. We are always eager to hear your thoughts and impressions, so please let us know how these changes have affected your gameplay.
Now, get ready to climb the ranks…

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