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What are Ranked Games?

Ranked Games are the most popular format of play on IntoBridge. It consists of one-board matches against opponents of similar ranks, resulting in either a win, a draw, or a loss. Depending on the outcome, users will either move up or down in the rankings.

Who will I be matched against?

When you start a ranked match, you will be paired with an opponent who is as close as possible to your rank. As you climb higher in the rankings, your opponents will become stronger. The maximum difference in rank between you and your opponent will be 6 subranks.

How does the ranking system work?

IntoBridge has 8 different ranks ranging from 7 (lowest) to Ace (highest). Each rank is further divided into 4 subranks (club to spade). To move up a subrank, players need to accumulate 100 IntoBridge Points (IBP). Once a rank has been achieved, users cannot be demoted from that rank (excluding subranks) until the end of the season.

What’s a season?

IntoBridge follows a seasonal schedule for its ranked games. This means that every 2 to 3 months, there will be an end of season event, where winners are crowned and the current season’s competition concludes. A new season then begins with all players starting at the same level, which is 7 of diamonds.

Can I play on my mobile phone?

Ranked Games on IntoBridge can be played on mobile devices in the same way as on a computer. Just open your preferred browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and type play.intobridge.com. We are currently developing a mobile app for easier access, and we will notify you when it’s ready.

Who is LIA?

LIA is a robot developed by IntoBridge since the summer of 2023. It offers a variety of playing systems that users can choose based on their preferences. With a skill level comparable to that of an Ace of clubs, our team continuously works on improving LIA. Users can report any imperfections in LIA’s performance by using the bug report feature on the results page after a ranked match.

What systems can I play? How do I change it?

Currently, LIA plays the 2 over 1, ACOL, SEF, and Swedish Standard systems. We are continuously working on developing new systems, and there are exciting surprises coming soon. To change your system, open the left side panel, click on Preferences, and select your desired system. Starting from the next board, your partner, LIA, will play using the selected system. Don’t be misled by its user profile description, which defaults to 2/1 when playing against you.

Can I use another robot?

BEN, an open-source bridge robot created by Laurand Dali, is available as an alternative option for players who prefer it over LIA. Users can select BEN through the preferences on the side panel. BEN follows the 2/1 system, and you can find more information about the system here: link. Please note that the IntoBridge team cannot make any improvements to BEN as it is a third-party robot. We use it as it is.

The robot played differently at my opponent’s table!

We have implemented a mechanism to ensure that the robots always make the same decisions under the same conditions at both tables. The perceived differences might arise from the use of different playing systems for the exact same bidding sequences. This can sometimes be frustrating. For example, if one player is following the 2 over 1 system while the other uses ACOL, and the bidding goes 1H (p) 2H (2S) 4H (4S), it is possible that at the 2/1 table, LIA will bid X while at the ACOL table, it will bid 5H. We have chosen not to enforce the same auction.

How can I report a bug?

If you encounter any bugs related to LIA’s gameplay, you can report them at the end of each board. Just use the Report a bug button located at the top right corner. We carefully review all reports and provide regular updates to LIA, typically once every 2 weeks…

I don’t have any more boards available, what can I do?

When starting a new season, you initially start with a bank of 100 free boards. After that, you can play 5 boards for free each day. If you want to play more, you can subscribe to our monthly subscription service called Supporter. Subscribing not only enables you to play more boards but also supports us in improving and maintaining the platform. It also allows you to use Audio-Video communication at our Casual tables, Teams matches and Pairs games.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Every user has the freedom to cancel their subscription at any time with no commitment. To cancel your subscription, simply go to the Manage subscription section and click on Cancel subscription.

How are IBPs allocated in the Ranked Games?

Wins: +15, +16, or +17 depending on the strength of the opponent.
Draws: 0, +1, or +2 depending on the strength of the opponent.
Losses: The impact of losses depends on your rank:

Ranks 7 and 8: -2 or -1 depending on the strength of the opponent.
Ranks 9 and 10: -8, -7, or -6 depending on the strength of the opponent.
Rank Jack: -10, -9, or -8 depending on the strength of the opponent.
Rank Queen: -12, -11, or -10 depending on the strength of the opponent.
Rank King and Aces: -15, -14, or -13 depending on the strength of the opponent.
Specifics of the Aces: Once a user reaches the rank of Ace of clubs, they become part of the elite in IntoBridge. The climb to higher ranks becomes different and is structured as follows:

Aces of Spades: Top 5 players on IntoBridge.
Aces of Hearts: The next 15 players.
Ace of Diamonds: The next 80 players.
Ace of Clubs: All other Aces.
Due to this specific rule, updates to the Aces ranks occur once a day at Midnight GMT.

Is there anything else?
Yes! Ranked Games have various features within them and they make the format even more fun, read more in these articles:

Need to know more?
Contact us at players@intobridge.com

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