IntoBridge Daily Celebrity Challenge

Every day, on IntoBridge, you can play a 5-board tournament against a celebrity. This is a great opportunity to play against la crème de la crème of the bridge world and potentially earn more IBP for your Ranked Games rating.

How does it work?

You play 5 boards with a robot partner against 2 robots (LIA playing 2 over 1). Each board’s performance is compared with the daily celebrity who played earlier under similar conditions. Beating the celebrity scores +10, a draw scores +5, and a loss scores 0. At the end of the 5 boards, you receive a final score (between 0 and +50), which determines your place on the leaderboard and converts into IBP for your Ranked Games rating.

How much does it cost?

Participation is completely free for everyone. If you enjoy the challenge and want to support us in doing more, the best way is to become a subscriber (we call it Supporter), which also provides unlimited play in the Ranked Games.

Who are the celebrities and how are they chosen?

The celebrities are either renowned players in the bridge world or past top performers in Ranked Games seasons.

Can the robot behave differently at my table vs. the champion?

Yes, it is possible in case you have selected a different system than the champion.

What are Ranked Games?
Ranked Games is the most popular format of play on IntoBridge. It consists of 1-board matches against similarly ranked opponents, resulting in a win, loss, or draw. Depending on the outcome, the user’s rank will either rise or fall. For more information, please visit this FAQ page. You can access it by clicking on Play Ranked from the Lobby of IntoBridge.

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