Introducing Much Desired Features to Ranked Games!

Our team has been working on bringing more excitement to the Ranked games by introducing new features you asked us to create. With the latest release, we are excited to announce the introduction of three features that will elevate your gameplay experience to a whole new level! Until now, players were randomly matched with opponents from around the world. While that’s fun, it’s even more thrilling to play against your friends or some of the best players in the world. Additionally, it’s exciting to see what your friends and other players did on the same board you thought you lost unfairly and how you stack up against specific players. Here’s what you can expect with the new features:

You can now challenge a player with the same or higher rank. Test your skills against the world’s finest players or challenge a friend. You can use the challenge feature up to three times a day! Furthermore, you can use it in combination with the “Rematch” feature and play a few extra boards against a specific player. To access this feature, find a specific player, hover over their picture and within the small profile, there is a button Challenge.

Score Comparisons
While keeping the 1 vs. 1 format, we understand your curiosity about how you would fare against other players. With the updated Results section, you can now view how other players performed on the same board and how you would finish if matched against them. You can find the score comparisons after you finish a board and click Results – below your opponent’s result, there is a button Other results.

Head-to-Head Stats
Keep track of your progress by viewing your battle statistics against specific players. To find out your stats against someone, go to the Dashboard and either search for specific players, or via the Leaderboard, you can click players and go to their page where the H2H stats are shown.

(Stefan got lucky once… maybe twice!)

And one bonus feature:

Lia Alerting
To draw your attention to non-natural bids, Lia will now proactively alert them.

We built all these features based on the valuable feedback we received from our players. Your feedback plays a crucial role in making IntoBridge even better. Thank you for your continued support and care! If you enjoy playing on IntoBridge, please spread the word to your bridge friends and invite them to join us all in this adventure!

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