Lia is Getting Better!

Our robot Lia received a major update yesterday. Most of the improvements listed in this article happened because of feedback we received from our active players.
Thank you so much!

Below you can read the full release notes and see the updated system cards, which are also available for download in case you want to have them by your side while playing.

System changes and additions:
• 2NT developments:
-Now playing 4D -> Transfer to H and 4H -> S (used to be 4C -> H and 4D -> S)
-2NT-(P)-3H-(P)-3S is now 2/3 cards (used to promise fit)
• 1H-(P)-1S-(P)-2m-(P)-3H is now NF
• Walsh: Lia will now bid 1NT with 4M and a balanced hand after 1C-(P)-1D-(P)
• Lia now opens 3NT Gambling and 4NT minors
• 1S P 4H is now splinter (used to be natural)
• “Fake reverse” in a minor suit: Lia is now able to bid 3 of a minor with no 4 cards on GF hands after 1H-(P)-1S-(P) (e.g. KQx AKxxxx x AKx bids 3C)

Major bug fixes:
• Fix of 1D-(P)-2C, which had some major issues and was sometimes passed
• 1NT-(P)-P-(X), Lia was always bidding 2H here
• Fix of Lia always bidding 2NT with a strong hand facing a Weak Two bid
• Fixed of some bugs after the Blackwood (4NT-(P)-5H-(P)-5S-(P)-6S with spades as trumps and some • others)
• Fixed bugs related to 1NT-(P)-2C-(P)-2D-(X)-P
• Lia doesn’t bid anymore 1S-(P)- 5S with 3433 of 16 hcp (it was a bug related to the choice of 2 over 1)

Improvements and small bug fixes:
• Overall hand evaluation: Lia will “punish” you by bidding games much less in competitive auctions.
• Added positions where 4m is NF after missing a stopper, especially when we didn’t discover a fit yet
• Improved the decision-making between 3NT and 5m
• Better evaluation of weak stoppers facing singleton (Qxx, Axx)
• Lia has now better criteria to open or not with an unbalanced hand of 10-11 HCP
• Lia can now choose to play in 6m instead of 6M, if it’s a better fit
• Weird attempts for game-try auctions have been removed (e.g. 1M-(P)-2M-(P)-P-(3C)-3D)
• Fixed some small bugs with 6-5 shapes
• Inference from not competing: Lia can now infer that you are not void in their suit if you didn’t compete, and can double more often
• Remove forcing passes in many situations
• Improvement with controls showing bids and which controls in particular when they are implying a fit
• When you previously denied a fit, you used to be sometimes stuck afterwards. Should be possible to go back to a major most of the time now (e.g 1C-(P)-1S-(P)-2NT-(P)-3NT-(P)-4S)
• Adjustments of various doubles – when they should be penalty and when they should be take-out(e.g. 1S-(2C)-P-(3C)-P-(P)-X is now penalty)
• Choosing between natural NT overcalls and take-out doubles: Lia has a better judgement in these situations now
• Lia is now able to double 6NT with two Aces (and 7NT with one! 😊)
• Fixed some 2NT Scramble and Lebensohl situations
• Lia will not slam-raise to 4m immediately with a bad fit when she has a slow way of doing it (e.g. 1C-1S-3C-4C will not be made with xx anymore)
• Lia can now jump to a grand slam over 5NT pick-a-slam when she (hopefully!) has the values needed
• Fixed a bug linked to pass or correct where Lia did not correct

• Alerts have been polished
• Lia will not show HCP anymore when there is no new information in it
• Lia will now be able to show if a bid has two possible meanings (e.g. slammy or asking for a stopper)
• Added: Smolen, Negative double (Lia was already playing them before, it’s just a visual thing)

Card play:
• Lia is now doing some more human leads.
• Lia and Ben will not play any random 8s and 9s anymore. They will also play standard count with 8x or 9x if it can not blow a trick.
• Lia and Ben now stick better to their carding system (it should discard standard count more often)

Updated Lia system cards follow…

Now go play some Ranked Games and tell us if you notice any improvement… 😊

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