Lia Plays Acol and SEF!

While fixing bugs and improving the general competence of Lia, we have introduced two new systems: Acol and SEF.
Acol is a basic system taught in most Commonwealth countries and it is characterized by 4-card openings at the one level and a weak 1NT.
SEF, on the other hand, is the French Standard system which is widely played in France and other parts of the world with French bridge influence.

By default, Lia will continue to play the 2-over-1 system just like it always has. However, if you wish to switch to Acol or SEF, you can do so by following these steps:
1. Click on the three-bar menu located on the top left of your screen
2. Navigate to the “Preferences” menu
3. From there, you can choose Acol or SEF from the dropdown menu as shown in the picture below
(Please note that only “your” Lia will play the system you prefer, the opponents Lia will keep playing 2-over-1)

Choose your preferred bidding system | IntoBridge

And here is the list of the annoying bugs you reported (thanks!) and we fixed:
• Fix of 1m-(1S)-?: with 4 cards in H and 10+ HCP, Lia was not doubling, but doing weird things. It should be doubling from now on
• Fix of 1NT-2C-2H-4S with 4S and GF values
• Fixes of pick-a-game cue-bid responses, e.g. (1D)-X-(3D)-4D
• Fix of 3/4m bids facing a take-out double to deny a potential fit in the majors, e.g. (1H)-X-(2H)-3C denies 4 cards in S
• Fixed a bug related to defense vs Michaels (1S-(2NT)-3D is showing 5H and GF values, but Lia was sometimes bidding it on a weaker hand, not anymore)
• No more game-tries after opponents double for penalty or after the opponents bid in a balancing seat
• Fixed a bug showing pass as forcing when we’re at 6+ level doubled contract
• Lia doesn’t run to 7NT anymore (after being doubled in 7 of a suit)
• Fixes related to superaccept bids after 1NT-2x (transfer)
• Fixed a bug where Lia was trying to lead a suit with a void (!) 😊

Improvements made:
• Developments related to Michaels cuebids
• Competitive 4m bids should work better
• Hand evaluation adjustments
• 3M as a secondary suit in competitive bidding should work better
(P)- 3S
• Lia will reopen less often when the opponents don’t have a fit
• Better choices of when to play 3NT/4m/5m
• Developments after bidding a Michaels cuebid: bidding again now doesn’t require a very strong hand
• Lia is now able to overcall with more shape and fewer points in typical ~20/20 positions (eg 1NT P 2D 3C with xxx x Kxx AKxxxx)

• Pick your preferred system! – ACOL, SEF and the default 2-over-1
• Now splinter in a 2/1 sequence is the default (in 2-over-1 system and ACOL, but not in SEF), e.g. 1S-2C-3D (Splinter in 2 over 1 and Acol, but natural in SEF)
• You can’t splinter anymore in your partner’s 5-card major (P-1H-1S-2C-4H used to be a splinter, not anymore)
• Adjustments in a sequence like: 1x-1M-1NT: notably 3M in now non-forcing
• SOS redoubles in various situations
• Ability to suggest and accept playing redoubled contracts after Stayman or 4th-suit-forcing gets doubled

• Total points are removed from the explanations: we noticed too many players are getting confused. Now we will try to estimate the approximate HCP value of the hand. This will be a work in progress and further improvements shall be expected

• Fixed the Queen lead bug: Ten will be led with QT9(xx)
• Fixed Ace leads: instead of low with AKx(x) in NT
• Lia will lead more aggressively against high-level preempts

Now go and have fun…

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