Lia Updated

We are continuing to improve Lia – fixing bugs, and adding new bidding sequences. Here is a list of changes that came with today’s new release:

Bridge bug fixes:
-Lia used to sometimes Pass if the answer to Blackwood was showing 2 keycards were missing and couldn’t go back to 5x/5NT
-The preemptor won’t bid again over partner’s 3NT
-Adjustments of 5 of a minor bids
-Stayman issues fixed
-Range adjustments in the grand slam zone
-Situations where 3 of a suit is the default rebid over 4th suit forcing
-No natural 5NT overcalls anymore
-Forcing vs Non-forcing bids adjustments
-Adjustments on slam going hands – when to sign off, bid last train or directly ask for keycards
-1C-(1x)-2C can have only 4 cards in clubs (used to be 5+)
-Adjustments after a trap pass
-Do not make two lead-directing doubles in a row
-Raise when penalty double doesn’t (shouldn’t) exist anymore (the famous 5Dx, 6Dx, 7Dx case 😊)
-No more transfers when partner opens a NT bid and the opponents overcall 4M
-Many other small fixes

Adjustments to alerts:
-Min/Average/Max of range when appropriate instead of points
-Clearer alert explanations: inverted minors, mixed raise, and others
-Add major max length when it makes sense (1C P 1H P 1NT now prints 0-3S)

Coming soon:
-Proactive alerts of artificial bids – you will no longer need to click every bid, worried it might be something special. Alerts will pop up as the robot’s bid is made and it has an artificial meaning.

This last feature required some implementation that led to misalignments in what the robots did before and after the release. As a result, Lia may bid or play differently at both tables. This happens rather rarely and will only last a few days (until the old boards get out of circulation). Please, don’t be upset if you happen to lose a hand because of that, the benefits coming out of this change will be significant.

Lastly, but most importantly, THANK YOU for reporting bugs and helping us to improve Lia. Since we released it a month ago, we have made major improvements based on your feedback. Please, keep it going!

The formal way to report bugs is to click the 3-bar menu on the top left and then at the bottom – Report a bug. It will be useful if you also include the link to the board/match in question. (available in the Results section after the board is finished)

Here are convention cards, describing what Lia plays:



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