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this newsletter aims to keep you up to date with the latest developments and improvements of IntoBridge and to inform you about special events happening on the platform.

Events & News

  • The Acol Bridge Club from London, one of the biggest clubs in the UK and in the world has moved their online games to IntoBridge! The players enjoy the added value of having the opportunity to play Casual tables with friends with video and audio, available 24/7
  • Have you ever dreamt of partnering with the most famous bridge player in the world? Our friends from New Tricks Bridge, who specialize in making bridge popular by creating fancy videos, started a new tournament series and the prize is partnering Zia!
    The second game of the series is on the 13th of June at
    19:30 BST / 20:30 CET / 14:30 ET. Open to all.
    All games in the series are free of charge and you don’t have to play them all to win.
    To read more and register, please go to:
  • We continue publishing the Hand of the Day and other interesting articles on our Facebook page. If you want to receive it on your News Feed, please Like the page:

Tech Release – List of Improvements

We released several new features, paving the way to our full launch which is coming soon! Here is the list:

  • ✈️ Transition period during the round change in a pairs event: you will now have time to say goodbye and not be abruptly cut at the end of a round
  • 🏆 You can now check the leaderboard while playing (Results tab)
  • 📂 Club managers and Directors can now download the results files in USEBIO and LIN formats with just one click (well, two clicks, but you get the point 😏)
  • 🃏 iPad users: No more IntoBridge logo coming out of the back of the cards. Some of you found it cool, but yes, it was a bug
  • 📝 Translations improved all over the app
  • 🥴 No more feeling dizzy: parts of our gameplay screen would sometimes move up and down, we have eliminated most of those. Please, keep reporting any issues related to that, we want to make it perfect!
  • ⚠️ Attention trigger improved to prompt you to confirm your bid. We are soon adding the option of not confirming your bids, get ready for misclicks!
  • 📃 Fixed a bug where selecting the scorecard of a pair while kibitzing was sometimes not working
  • ↕️ Added Minimax info on the hand review box. Minimax is the optimal score of a board if every player does the best possible actions
  • 🐣 Small stuff:
  • When receiving an invitation for a substitute, the current number of boards played will now be displayed, so a substitute can make the informed decision to get in or not
  • To avoid deregistering by mistake, you will now be asked for a confirmation before doing so
  • If you are looking at board 3 from a scorecard and go to travellers, board 3 will now be automatically selected. It should also work for boards different than number 3! 😜

We are constantly hunting for bugs and features to improve IntoBridge, feel free to reach out to us for reports or suggestions at

Happy bridging and hope to see you on IntoBridge,

Stefan & Christophe

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