Personal statistics now live on IntoBridge

Playing pairs games on IntoBridge, you will get your personal statistics after each event.

This is how it looks…

Personal statistics on IntoBridge

Besides seeing how your average score moved during the session and your best and worst boards, you can also see a summary of how many part scores, games, and slams you played during the event. Also, what was your score by role, and how many hands you played, defended or just put your cards on the table…

Is your partner too slow, or is it you? You can finally resolve this argument, we’ve got not only the total time spent but also the average time per action.

We have also put some short messages to highlight the key points of your stats. Some of those messages may need fine-tuning, and any feedback on them is most welcome!

Where to find the statistics?
After all tables finish playing, a button Statistics will appear on the top right corner of the end screen.

How to find personal statistics on IntoBridge
How to find personal statistics on IntoBridge

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