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Disclaimer: if you don’t like bridge robots, don’t read this article, it’s only getting worse! 😊

Ben, the AI bridge robot created by the software developer and bridge lover Lorand Dali, is now integrated into IntoBridge!

Do you want to try it? Ben is available at Casual tables. Just create a new game, click on the plus sign by each seat and add Ben. You can add as many Bens as you like to fill up the empty seats at your table.

How to add a robot to your table on IntoBridge
How to add a Robot to your table

What system does Ben play? 2 over 1. Ben is coded to play relatively simple 2/1, with 15-17 NT, 5-card majors and 3-card minors. At the 2-level, Ben plays weak 2s in Spades, Hearts and Diamonds. The 2 Clubs opener is a big hand, game-forcing, unless 22-23 Balanced hand, which would rebid 2NT over 2D response.
For more info on Ben’s system, check out THIS LINK.

What’s next? At the moment, Ben doesn’t know what to do with claims or undo and redeal requests. We are teaching it now how to respond. We are also adding the feature for rotating the declarer, so you can play instead of Ben whenever you end up as dummy.
Apart from the small improvements, we are also working to integrate Ben into Team matches and Pairs tournaments and also create special robot tournaments that you will be able to enjoy on a daily basis. Apart from that, in the last several months, we’ve been creating our own robot on the route to becoming the first multi-robot online bridge platform.

IntoBridge is being built with modern technologies that enable us to connect 3rd party products and grow an ecosystem that benefits both creators and players – creators’ products gets exposed to more players, and the players have a variety of options to choose from. In the context of robots, we are open to adding other robots to IntoBridge and building a bridge ecosystem where creators will be able to add value to the world of bridge and also monetize on their efforts to create something meaningful. The players will have access to all robots and be able to choose their preferred one or even put different robots as partners and opponents and create their own human-robot contests.

Play Bridge with The Robot Ben Now on IntoBridge!
Ben is now available on Casual tables 24/7

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