Ranked games: New features released

Update, 26.Oct: this article was updated to indicate further changes in the IBP attribution

As we are nearing the end of the beta season of the new Ranked games, we are introducing additional features to enhance your experience.

Furthermore, Lia will be replacing Ben in the Ranked games. We expect this change to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on customer service, as it will no longer be necessary to answer the question, “What Blackwood does Ben play?” 😁 The joke aside, we are entirely grateful to Ben and its creator Lorand Dali for the opportunity to use it! Ben will remain on the platform as an alternative to Lia at Casual tables.

Below is a list of the changes you can read about:

  • New feature: Win or Go Home
  • New feature: Rematch
  • New stats on the Dashboard
  • Change in IBP points won/lost on each hand
  • Lia replaces Ben

Win or Go Home
Do you like gambling? We don’t. But this new feature will spice up the experience. You can activate this feature only before the play begins! Then – it’s simple – you finish the hand and if you win, you get double the IBPs you would win otherwise. The downside is that if the board is a draw, it will be counted as a loss. The feature is available to activate once a day and Supporters get it unlimited.
To activate, simply look for the circle with dice inside in the bottom left corner of the gameplay screen.

Have you ever wanted to play against your previous opponent again? Or seek revenge against them for making a poor decision and getting lucky? The name of this feature says it all. Either secure an easy win or even the score! Similar to the Win or Go Home feature, you can use Rematch once a day, with Supporters having unlimited access with up to 2 rematches against the same opponent. To activate, look for the new button in the middle of the screen after completing a board.

New stats on your Dashboard
We should have implemented this feature earlier, but better late than never! You can now view your Win-Draw-Loss count on your Dashboard.

Change in IBP points won/lost on each hand
The previous reward of 15 IBPs for a win on every hand felt monotonous and somewhat unfair. Now, the number of IBPs you can win or lose on each hand will range from 13 to 17, depending on how your opponent’s rating compares to yours. Losing to players with a higher rank will result in fewer points lost and more points gained for a win. Conversely, losing to opponents with a lower rating will cost more points, while winning will bring fewer rewards. Additionally, if your opponent has a considerably higher ranking, you will receive +1 IBP for a draw.

Update: the new change is that players with a higher rank will keep winning 15 IBPs per win (not 13 or 14).

Lia replaces Ben
After spending some time on the bench, Lia is now ready to join the Ranked games as Ben’s substitute. Lia offers the advantage of consistency and transparency. It plays a fairly modern natural 2/1 system, 3 weak twos, RKCB 0314, and a few simple conventions. You can check the meaning of the bids in advance by hovering over the different bids in your bidding box.

Are you ready to try out the new features?

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