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One of the reasons chess is doing so well is its rating system. At IntoBridge, we were thinking about how to incorporate a similar system into (y)our platform — which could be used to rank players but allows them all an equal shot at playing. But most importantly, it’s exciting to play.

We also considered that people who play online could no longer spend several hours at a time playing on computers, as they used to do during Covid.

So we came up with our new playing mode, Ranked games!

It’s easy to find your way through the Ranked games, but if you need help, we’ve made this short video tutorial. And if the video is too quick for you, follow along as we break it down into steps below…

How to play Ranked games on IntoBridge

After you log in, look for the only orange button, Play ranked.

Then you are started! You can see who your direct opponent is on the right.
You are partnering the robot Ben, who plays 2 over 1. You opponents are two robots.
That makes it possible to leave in the middle of the game and return later to finish it.

It’s a head-to-head matchup, so your score will be compared to that one opponent only. There are 3 possible outcomes – Win, Lose or Draw.

On the next screen, you can see how many rating points you’ve won or lost and also review what your opponent did on the hand.

Then you can play another hand against a different opponent. And sometimes, you can have a look at your personal dashboard

You are ready now, go and show the world how good you are at bridge! 😎

If you’ve missed the article about our tool for analyzing boards, have a look here:

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