Season III is Starting and New Features Released

In the past couple of weeks, we introduced several small features you requested. Below you can see them listed, but before that, don’t forget that Season III of the Ranked Games starts on the 6th of March.

Achievement cards
Ranked Games are based on seasons, and moving to a new season means all the progress in the past season is erased. However, to memorize where players finish each season, we introduced achievement cards indicating the final ranking of a player for a particular season.
There are two places where achievement cards are shown – the big personal profile and the Dashboard:

Swedish Basic and Swedish Advanced
Now there are 6 systems to choose from. We added a second version of the Swedish system to accommodate more and less experienced players. The advanced version contains multi, intermediate 2 of a major and Gazilli, while the Basic one has no Gazilli and the 2-level openers are natural and weak (except for 2 clubs openers, of course). To pick your preferred system, go to Preferences:

Check the meaning of the bids at the other table (and yours)
You can now click on the bids in the hand diagrams and see the meanings of the bids:

Redeal option boosted
For predealt hands, you can now jump to any one board from the deal set. You can also move to the next one or replay the same board:

Contrast on a quick score preview in Ranked Games
Once you finish a hand in Ranked Games, you could see the result of your opponent, but the contrast wasn’t good and many of you rightfully complained. We’ve now put a white background, so you can see the score easily:

Report a bug in Ranked Games
We cannot stress enough how important your feedback is in improving Lia’s game. We apologize for not being able to reply too often, but be sure that we read it all and we fix things as quickly as we can. Please keep reporting using the new form. You don’t have to put a link from the hand, because we get it automatically, you don’t even need to write anything if the bug is obvious. The button is on the Results screen after you finish a board (or for old boards, you can access them from your History):

Now go play some bridge!

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