The 10 Resolutions Bridge Players Will Not Keep in 2024

At the beginning of each new year, many of us make promises and resolutions that we often fail to fulfil. Here is a compilation of the bridge promises we have observed bridge players consistently struggle to keep:

1. Commit to consistently reading system notes before each game.

2. Refrain from wearing bridge-related apparel in daily life so the world understands that they are different (and superior).

3. Avoid resorting to luck-related excuses to justify poor results.

4. Stop believing that adopting the latest sophisticated convention favored by champions will automatically elevate one to champion status.

5. Embrace a genuinely chill (and pleasant!) demeanor during friendly duplicate games.

6. Never allow thoughts of the previous hand to intrude while playing the current one.

7. Make it a golden rule to ALWAYS be kind to your partner.

8. Resist the urge to wish for an early end to an event when things are going well.

9. Abandon the practice of soliciting the entire planet to find someone who agrees with your (clearly mistaken) actions.

10. Keep up the habit of always counting the distributions and points.

Which resolution do you think would be the toughest to stick to?
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