The New Bridge Robot Is Here

We have some exciting news to share with you! As you may recall, we’ve been hard at work developing a new bridge robot since the start of this year. Well, guess what? The beta version of this robot, called Lia, is now officially available on our platform!

Lia is a creation of Luc Bellicaud who has been part of the IntoBridge team since a year ago. And let us tell you, Luc is no ordinary developer – he recently became the World U31 Teams champion, representing none other than France! So, with that kind of talent behind its creation, we’re confident that Lia will astound you in more ways than one. 😎

Now, it’s important to note that building a bridge robot of this caliber is no small feat, especially when it comes to ironing out any pesky bugs. But fear not, Lia has a strong foundation. It not only explains its bids with clarity but also possesses a good understanding of various conventions. However, we must admit, there are moments when Lia gets caught up in the excitement and navigates between different rules with a bit of stumble, occasionally leading to amusing disasters.

That’s why we’re seeking your help! While we continue to fine-tune Lia, we’ve made it available on our Casual tables as a backup option to Ben. Think of it as an exclusive preview of all the excitement that awaits when Lia is fully ready to make its grand entrance.

So, if you’re up for the challenge and want to experience the thrill of playing with or against Lia, simply head over to IntoBridge. From the Lobby, navigate to the Tables section, click on “Create a table,” and keep an eye out for the three vertical dots next to Ben’s name. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of bridge with Lia by your side!

Select Player -> 3 Dots -> Lia -> Confirm -> Robot (Lia)
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