Zia Joins the IntoBridge Team

We are extremely happy and proud to have the one and only Zia Mahmood joining IntoBridge!

Zia needs no introduction. Unarguably the most-famous bridge player worldwide, Zia has won all the major bridge trophies, most of them multiple times. He is well-known for his outside-the-box bids and plays that inspire and delight bridge players around the globe.

Zia is well-known for his charisma, for being a gentleman and for his tolerance and inclusion of lesser players.

Zia’s book Bridge My Way is one of the most-read, if not the most-read, bridge book ever. That book became out of print a long time ago but, sharing a little secret with you, the sequel to that great book is coming up soon.

What can you expect to see with Zia on IntoBridge?

One of the reasons bridge is an amazing game is that, unlike almost any other sport, every ordinary player can play with or against the best. IntoBridge wants to bring its players closer to the great Zia and we will soon launch a series of events where you can play with and against Zia, or if you prefer, watch him play or listen to his thoughtful and entertaining commentary.

You can already see and participate in our first project together – Ask Zia.

What did Zia have to say about joining the IntoBridge team?

“In the past years, a lot of bridge has moved online, and although I am old school, I fully embrace online bridge and am thrilled to join the IntoBridge team. If we are to save our wonderful game, we have no other way but to streamline online bridge and introduce new audiences to our game. I have worked with Stefan and Christophe on various projects before, and I have no doubt they can help bridge not just survive but thrive and open new opportunities ahead in the bridge world!”

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come. We’ll keep you posted!

The IntoBridge Team

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