Steve Weinstein Wins The Beta Season of the Ranked Games

Ranked Games, the unique bridge mode offered on IntoBridge, has concluded its Beta season with Steve Weinstein, a multiple world champion, claiming the top spot!

The Beta season began on August 13th and ran for approximately three months. Over 3000 players participated, collectively playing 2.5 million hands! The IntoBridge team is thrilled with these impressive numbers and is motivated to continue improving the Ranked Games experience for players.

The contest for the top position in the Beta season was filled with excitement, with frequent changes in the top ten rankings. Norwegian player Gjermund Rekstad (username: gjerk) made rapid progress in the early stages, becoming the first player to reach the Ace rank. Meanwhile, renowned American player and teacher Gavin Wolpert (username: Gavin) also played with intensity and quickly climbed the ladder, closely followed by another Norwegian player, Svein Karlberg (username: sveing). A month later, Steve Weinstein joined the Ranked Games with the clever username catchgav. Although he initially joined for fun and didn’t expect to catch up with Gavin, he became deeply engrossed in the competition over the next couple of months. Adam Kaplan joined after Steve and had a spectacular run, but the season came a few days short for him to catch up with the first two. Here are the top 10 from the Beta season, each player putting up a fierce fight, often competing against each other:

  1. Steve Weinstein, USA (username: catchgav)
  2. Gavin Wolpert, USA (username: Gavin)
  3. Adam Kaplan, USA (username: mtvesuvius)
  4. Sebastian Atisen, UK (username: SebastianA)
  5. Ove Hjelvik, Norway (username: nullve)
  6. Sriram Narasimhan, USA (username: sri)
  7. Finn Kolesnik, USA (username: Catchsteve)
  8. Artur Wasiak, Poland (username: ArturW)
  9. Kamel Fergani, Canada (username: Rakham)
  10. Victor Aronov, Bulgaria (username: ryangiggs)

To provide a better understanding of the scope of the Beta season, we have prepared the following infographics for you:

Stats by country | Beta season of the Ranked Games | IntoBridge

Below is what Steve Weinstein said about Ranked Games on the popular bridge forum

Gavin Wolpert recorded two videos playing and explaining how Ranked Games work. If you haven’t seen them yet, you should:
Gavin Plays Ranked | Beta Season Episode 1:
Gavin Plays Ranked | Beta Season Episode 2:

The official Season ONE just started, read more about it and join the competition:

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