Daily Celebrity Challenge #50 with Artur Wasiak

Artur Wasiak,
photo credit:
Polish Bridge Union

Artur Wasiak is a bridge expert from Poland who has won the European Junior Championship and has many good finishes in junior and open events. Artur is also a certified international tournament director.

Artur didn’t have the chance to record a video, but he kindly provided his thoughts on the most interesting moments of each board of today’s daily…


Obvious raise to 3♦. If I passed, the opponents would usually bid and make some contract in one of the major suits.


Simple forcing defence. Declarer could save one trick in the ending by playing the established heart instead of the ♠J.


In my opinion, it’s a borderline opening hand. I decided to open 1♠ to match what I think would be a choice of the majority of the players. After strong 2♠ (1♠-2♣-2♥-2♠) it’s good to have some relay agreements to show both strength and distribution but playing a simple system I just showed by 5th heart. Then it was time to show a weak hand (4♠).

I had 11 tricks and many chances for the 12th. The simplest of them is the finesse against the ♥Q but there are also some squeeze possibilities. The practical way to use both chances (♥Q in West hand or longer hearts with longer clubs) is to play ♥J from hand at some point. West will sometimes cover with the ♥Q if she has it. If not, my plan was to take ♥A, ♥K, ♦K, get back to hand with ♣K and play the last spade. The defender with the ♥Q and long clubs will be squeezed.

In this case, singleton ♥Q fell so the problem disappeared quickly.


The SOS redouble will not always be a good decision but in this case, it worked perfectly.

I didn’t play for ♥K finesse because I knew that West has a singleton heart (5♣4♠ known from the bidding and ♣9 lead revealing 6-2 clubs distribution).


At IMPs my 3♣ bid would be obvious. Playing BAM, I considered a practical bid of 3NT after 2♠.

After my 3♣ North could bid 3♠ and we would end in 4♠ contract. After 4♣ there was a chance for slam (for example, North hand ♠AKxx ♥Ax ♦xxx ♣Axxx). Maybe this chance was too small to bid a 4♦ cue bid?

I’m also not convinced what is the best choice after 4♠. For sure you can consider passing.

By the way, transfers after Stayman would be convenient with this hand. The bidding would start 1NT-2♣-2♠-2NT-3♣-3♦ where 2NT is a transfer to clubs and 3♦ shows short diamonds. That’s what Krzysztof Martens [renowned bridge theoretician] proposed for bidding after 1NT opening (of course there are complications with invitational hands with 4 hearts so the pair needs to adapt the whole structure).

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