Lia Now Plays Swedish Standard and SEF Advanced

Our endeavor to customize Lia continues with the introduction of a new system – Swedish Standard. In addition, we have developed a more advanced version of the French system listed as “SEF Competition.”

The Swedish system derives from a fruitful collaboration we initiated with Cuebids, an online solution aimed at enhancing partnership bidding.
This system is built on the principles of natural 2 over 1 bidding and incorporates the “Multi” convention. In this convention, a 2 diamonds opener indicates a single-suited major with a value below the opening range. Meanwhile, a 2-of-a-major opening bid represents the same concept but with slightly stronger holdings (10-13 HCP).

As for SEF, one of the major distinctions of the French Competition system is the inclusion of a Multi 2 diamonds opener, where a 2-of-a-major opening bid signifies a weak two-suited hand – the major and a minor.

Notably, there are differences in some of the conventions and responses used. Therefore, even if you are not French or Swedish, we invite you to explore and try out these new systems as they might be closer to what you’re accustomed to. However, keep in mind that certain conventions have been tweaked, requiring caution when applying them.

The system cards for both systems are listed at the bottom of this article.

If you want to try out the new systems, but don’t know how to do it, have a look at our previous article when we introduced Acol and SEF: Click HERE

As usual, we worked on bug fixes and improvements and below you will find the changelog.

System change:
• Acol: Strong Twos opening bids are replaced by Weak Twos

Improvements and additions:
• Developments after Michaels – (1S)-2S-(P)-?: 2NT shows values, and 3D shows an invite in hearts
• Exclusion KCB when not having a fit defined yet, e.g. 1S-2H-5C
• Grand slam cue-bid: 1D (4H) 5H shows a diamond fit and a heart void
• Improvements in Lia’s understanding of sequences like 1S-1NT-2C-2NT
• Lia will no longer support a preempt from partner in situations holding good defensive values in the other major and not enough to make game ourselves
• Lia now understands properly that after 1C-(1S)-X, if the responder shows extra values, it should have exactly 4H, not more
• In competitive 2-over-1 sequences like 1H (1S) 2D, Lia will understand better if you show a fit slowly. However, Lia will still always prioritize the major fit nonetheless.

• Lia will lead a trump against an undoubled grand slam more often
• Lia will make way more neutral leads against 6NT and 7NT when appropriate (no more leads under QJxx!)

Big bug fixes:
• Lia was using SOS redoubles way too much, it should’ve calmed down now…

• Clearer explanation of “the diamond issue”. 1S-2D-3D-?: 3H will now show “Heart stopper, might have a club stopper”

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